Christian Guzman

Base Camp Coding Academy student and aspiring software engineer.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio! I am currently enrolled at Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, Mississippi. At Base Camp, I am learning the skills to be a full-stack web application developer, and I have been building my skills in Python, Django, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java, and SQL.

Recent Work

Ascent Student Showcase
Created using Django

Project created at Base Camp Coding Academy to demonstrate mastery of Django web framework.

  • Collaborated with a partner to create an application to promote classwork for employers
  • Participated in morning stand-ups to gauge progress on the process
  • Increased fluency in creating web applications with class-based Django
  • Leveraged Agile techniques such as pair programming and continuous integration
  • Shoutouts Team: A shoutout can be liked, pinned, created, and every student has their own shoutouts page
  • Code on Github
  • Hosted on Heroku
  • Blog Post
December 2019
Finance Calculators
Created using Javascript

Front-End Project where you can make your calculations on the go.

  • Tip Calculator to help you decide how much to tip per person.
  • Interest Rate Calculator to help you find how much your paying over a certain amount of time.
  • Code on Github
  • Hosted on Github pages
December 2019

CPU vs Player

November 2019

JS Components
Created using Javascript, HTML and CSS

Used DOM Manipulation to create:

November 2019

FIFA Training
Created using HTML/CSS

Project created to bring the idea of a small business to life.

  • Various services to help you create solid skills on FIFA
  • Different services: personal training, video review, and 1v1's
  • Solely used HTML/CSS
  • Code on Github
  • Hosted on Github pages
August 2019



  • Intermediate: Python, Java, Django, SQL, and HTML/CSS
  • Learning: Spring
  • Other: Bilingual - Spanish & English

Work Experience

Community Team Member, Base Camp Coding Academy

Water Valley, MS (Jun 2019 - PRESENT)

Job Shadow, CSpire

Ridgeland, MS (March 2020 - March 2020)

Job Shadow, M-Trade

Oxford, MS (March 2020 - March 2020)

About Me

I graduated from Stone Memorial High School in Crossville, TN. During high school I was a Co-President of the Pep Club, as well as member of Math Club and Political Club. My responsibilities within the Pep Club were to Schedule tailgates, pep busses, and themes. I also had come up with ways for us to raise money for the club as well as making sure everyone involved in the student section to know the regulations of TSSAA.

Ever since the age of 13, I have worked in various family Mexican Restaurants positions varying from busboy, host, cashier, and server. I've learned so much through working at such a young age such as the importance of work ethic, managing money, being responsible and accountable. I've also have gained solid skill in customer service like how to respond to fast-paced environment and help create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for the clients during peak and rush times. Also ensuring orders, seating, and questions are communicated between servers, cooks, and managers to guarantee a time-sensitive workflow.

Hobbies of mine when I am not working or at school are going out with friends, hiking, driving, going to overlooks. I also enjoy playing sport video games like FIFA, Madden, UFC, and 2K NBA.